Greg and Olga Dziemidowicz – Sailing meets virtual reality

We are trying to get people interested and excited about sailing and let them experience that in their living room, then hopefully getting them excited to get out onto the water for real.
— Greg Diemidowicz

My guests for Episode 3 are Greg and Olga Dziemidowicz. Greg and Olga are the Founders of Marine Verse, which brings together sailing and virtual reality to inspire, train and connect sailors. Their flagship application is VR Regatta for HTC Vive – a sailing game that lets you relax, train and compete. 

Greg grew up sailing in Poland being an active member of local sea scouts team. Both Olga and Greg have recently completed various sailing courses as a part of their research for MarineVerse.

We spoke about how VR can be used for educational purposes in sailing, the goals for MarineVerse in the next 12 months, and broader applications for this new technology in the marine industry.

Greg and Olga are well and truly pioneers in terms of bringing together boating and virtual reality. I am excited to see what the create in the next few years.

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