Andrew Hawkins – The challenges of marine marketing, social media, and the importance of listening to your customers

Sometimes you can get too absorbed in your own product. What I call it is believing your own bullshit. You get so enamoured about your product, you convince yourself that it is the be all and end all. You can’t understand why someone doesn’t appreciate it as much as you do. And I think that is something that happens a lot in this industry.
— Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins is the Managing Director of Mainsheet Media, a PR and Marketing company specialising in the marine and leisure industries. He is also a Director of, a popular e-commerce store for sailing gear and equipment.

Throughout his 25+ year career he has worked with clients such as Yachting NSW, Jeanneau, Sydney City Marine and Prestige Luxury Motor Yachts.

Episode notes

4.50 –  How Andrew got into marketing

9.10 – ‘Sweat the small stuff’ (doing your marketing properly)

11.40 – Starting by understanding what you are doing already

15.00 – Documenting your marketing strategy

17.40 – Starting up Mainsheet Media

20.55 – The unique marketing challenges of the boating industry

28.45 – How Andrew navigates these challenges with clients

33.40 – ‘I Love Riv’ campaign, Palm Beach Motor Yachts, Discover Sailing

38.25 – Reinvigorating Jeanneau’s marketing strategy

41.45 – The purpose of your website and social media

48.10 – Tools to help you manage social media

52.00 – Believing your own bullshit

55.40 – The importance of feedback and talking to your customers

1:05.10 – Print vs. Digital marketing

1:06.10 – Useful tools, tips and resources

1:13.00 – BoatCrewGear and e-commerce in the marine industry

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