First things first...

This is an opportunity for someone passionate about the marine industry who has always hoped to marry their work life with their recreational interests. It's an opportunity for someone who spends their 9-5 at work thinking about their weekends on the water, whilst being paid to be work in an industry they're less passionate about. 

We're looking for someone that wants to spend their day creating meaningful relationships with boat owners and marine industry operators. Someone who is keen to introduce more Australians to the boating lifestyle. Someone who has a proven history in sales and building relationships that wants to help shape the future of our industry.

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About Deckee Group

We're Australia's online boating network. Since launching in 2015, we've grown our community of marine enthusiasts to over 130,000 visitors per month. Every day we are motivated by our mission to help boaters make better decisions.

The Deckee Group owns and operates a network of websites that help marine enthusiasts communicate, conduct research and complete various transactions relating to boat ownership and the boating lifestyle.

Deckee is Australia’s leading website for finding and comparing local marine services, insurance providers, boats, products and destinations. Since launching in early 2015, thousands of reviews and opinions have been contributed to Deckee by the boating community.

Boata is the 'Airbnb' for charter boats in Australia, enabling anyone to find and book the best boating experience for their next adventure or celebration. Boata makes boating a more affordable and accessible activity for all Australians, removing the cost and commitment of the traditional boat ownership model.

Fishraider is the leading online community of fishing enthusiasts in Australia, where members share their fishing and boating experiences, chat and socialise, and discover new products and services on a daily basis.

Business Development Manager

Who are we looking for?

Having an appreciation or love of the boating lifestyle is a great start. But we have come to realise the importance of good character. This is not something that you switch on when you're around others – it is who you are as a person and it naturally shows through your actions.

Your work is a combination of your strongest talents and what you are passionate about. That means you have a unique perspective and skill set that you want to put it into practise to help shape the future of the boating industry online.

We believe that a good work/life balance is essential to productivity. We believe in having the time to do the things that interest you and make you happy, so you can always deliver your best for the team.

Things you'll be doing

You'll be a driving force behind the success of our company. We’re small, ambitious team and know where we want to be, and we want you to grow with us as we learn and make our way there.

  • Lead the evaluation of potential partnerships across the Deckee Group. Forge and develop relationships to enable continued rapid growth.
  • Lead in all aspects of deal execution, including prioritisation of partners, strategic and product assessment, transaction structuring and negotiation.
  • Manage ongoing management of key established relationships, and maintaining accountability for the health of the partnerships.
  • Collect and analyse company and external data, summarising key takeaways into presentations and memos to Deckee's management.
  • Represent the Deckee Group in external meetings and industry events
  • Work closely with other team members in engineering, marketing, operations, community, legal and finance to ensure alignment on partnerships and business requirements.
  • Pilot new initiatives and business agreements in markets, evaluate their impact on business and determine the most effective scope/approach for any follow-on rollout.

What's on offer

We're looking for someone to join us on an initial 3 month contract, with the intention of joining our team full-time beyond that. Salary and equity incentives are negotiable based on experience.


We're in Sydney and Newcastle – you can decide which location works best for you.

How to apply

If this information has enticed you, and you have proven track record in business development and a passion for the world of boating, then please introduce yourself by emailing us at

But wait! Here are a few quick tips. You should be excited about what Deckee is doing, and have an idea of how you'll fit into our plans. It's fine—great even—if you have more questions than answers, but if you're just dropping a line into every pond you find, save your time. We want to hear about your experience in building relationships, driving sales or creating partnerships. Please provide some examples demonstrating how you've helped grow other businesses in the past. 

We'd like to see your CV, however we'll primarily assess applicants on the strength of their communication because that is so much of the job!

Meet the Team

Mike McKiernan

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Ian Belcher

Chief Technology Officer


David Ingram

Chief Operations Officer


Jessica Watson

Ambassador and Communications


Craig Davies



Nathan Sanderson

Chief Operations Officer, Boata


Graham Lloyd

Contributing Editor

Kellie O'Brien

Customer Support, Boata